Our Story


Candy and Lola ® (Trademark Registered in London and Dubai) founded by Rana Dabbous in London with a successful studio in Dubai catering to a collection of luxurious handmade straw hats and baskets for getaways and beach time. 

After a few years of designing, Rana saw a gap in the market for high quality and thoughtfully designed straw bags and baskets needing to be both practical and trend-led. 

Seizing this opportunity, she focused on ensuring the days of the bulky, harshly textured straw bags were over.

We combine natural materials classy & timeless style. All our products are handmade and Handwoven by our experts using only the finest sustainable materials with indigenous techniques.  


 - The lightweight Straw Hats and Bags are 100% Handmade and Handwoven from a strong yet soft straw material, and the design materials are rigidly attached by stitching or sometimes by machinery if needed.    

- Handcrafted from natural seagrass, Candy and Lola Baskets are the perfect bag for your beach day out or a part of daily life, be it a small basket or a larger one, you can never have enough!   

- The straw material is sliced in strings that are dried in the sun. If necessary, the dried straw strings are dyed to achieve the desired color.   

- The hats and baskets are for all the ages as they are chic style at its finest as is it instantly makes your look effortless for every occasion. You really cannot go wrong!

Visit www.candyandlola.com to learn more!